EDSAR Overall Mission Statement:

"Provide professional, highly trained personnel, and well equipped mechanized resources to support the El Dorado County Sheriff's Department in responding to search, rescue, and disaster emergencies."


Ground Team: Mission Statement

The Ground Team provides boots on the ground for any situation which may transpire in searching, locating, rendering aid and extraction of the lost and injured individuals. The Ground Team supports this role with a large group of searchers and sub-teams. Sub Teams include individuals qualified in Man Tracking, Operation in rugged mountainous conditions, and a Group of high altitude all season searchers. The Ground Team has the capability to provide short notice out of county mutual aid in all the above situations.


Ground Team: Long Descriptive Version


The Ground Team provides eyes, ears and boots on the ground for anything that may happen while searching, locating, rendering aid and extraction of the lost and/or injured person. We have people with a variety of skills and abilities. Training for the ground team encompasses many different levels. We have several typing levels which correlate to the CAL-OES guidelines beginning with our Type IV Basic Searcher and progressing to our Type 1 searcher who has the ability to be deployed for 72 hours in rugged conditions. We have individuals trained In various disciplines some of which include Man-Tracking, High-Altitude operations, as well as long term deployment in a short notice basis.   If you have a love of the outdoors and want to give back to your community the El Dorado Search and and Rescue Ground team is where you want to be.