OHV (4-Wheel Drive)

quad tracks

Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) Team

Our OHV Unit is composed of members with 4-wheel-drive vehicles. Most of the members are off-road enthusiasts who are using their hobby for a good cause. Although 4WD vehicles are the OHV Unit's primary focus, it can also supply quadrunners, snowmobiles and dirt bikes. All the vehicles are owned by the members.

The OHV Unit provides numerous services to Search and Rescue. OHV team members provide ground transportation of ground searchers to and from assigned areas, trail scouting, reconnaissance, transportation and set-up of radio repeater systems, transporting equipment and evacuation of search subjects.

The OHV unit is well-suited for assignments that include:

  • Rapid searches over roads and trails for subjects and prominent clues
  • Evacuation of subjects
  • Transportation of people and dogs to and from their assignments