Search Management



Search Management Team


The El Dorado County Search Management Team is proud to have one of the most effective, automated management functions in the State of California. The Team has worked hard to upgrade all of its computer systems, integrate them with GPS, radio, automated mapping and actual command and control applications, which are run through our mobile command post trailer and communications van. A majority of our Management Team personal have successfully completed the State of California’s Office of Emergency Services 40-hour Command and Control of the Search course, which is the gold standard for State OES in managing searches in any type of terrain, weather, day or night, in urban or remote settings. This allows the Management Team to ensure liaison between search units, search units from other jurisdictions during mutual aid operations, documentation of search operations, briefing and debriefing teams, interviewing informational sources, maintaining up-to-the-minute situational status reports of searches, maintaining high quality communications, arranging and providing transportation, and keeping our SAR volunteers safe and our operations efficient, effective and successful. Search Management personnel serve in one of several capacities:

  1. Operations
  2. Planning
  3. Logistics

Working together, these three functions ensure liaison with search units, document search operations, brief personnel, interview sources of information, maintain the status of situations, debrief teams, maintain communications, arrange transportation, and keep everybody dry, fed, and safe.